Trione Vineyards and Winery

BUSINESS MARKETING, BRANDING, Wine, Winery, vineyard STORYTELLING, behind the scenes, aerial drone photography


Project Goals:

  • Aerial drone photography for the estate property at Trione Vineyards and Winery just north of Healdsburg in the world-famous Alexander Valley region of Sonoma County, California.
  • Images were created at sunset on a beautiful late summer day, in the peaceful vineyards and winery property. Showcasing: the original early 1900’s old stone building and other important structures, vineyard fields and wine production area, the surrounding landscape to provide a sense of place.
  • Highlights included: Flying the drone across a huge swath of land, alone, at sunset with the goal of capturing beautiful images the company could use for marketing and branding their product; total access to entire estate; learning about and documenting vineyard production areas; being granted access to controlled airspace via a highly coveted FAA authorization.
  • Images are being utilized on the Trione website, marketing materials and social media.

Why It Was Awesome:

I have loved Trione’s wine since the first time I tasted it many years back, and have been a member of their wine club for a while now, so it was a special treat to produce these images for them. I feel blessed to work with clients who produce products I love to enjoy, and this really exemplified that level of connection to the people, product and process! Flying a quadcopter camera drone during the quiet evening sunset hours in the majestic Sonoma Valley is one great definition of working late… 😉