Toyota Material Handling - Forklift Manufacturing - Warehouse Logistics Management




Project Goals:

  • Photography at three separate locations across the San Francisco Bay Area of 3 brand new and prototype Toyota Material Handling manufactured forklifts in use, in a variety of real-world situations: a large-scale production vineyard & winery in Napa, CA, an intricate plastic manufacturing facility in Hayward, CA as well as various areas within the mammoth refrigerators at an SF & LA-based specialty foodservice company.
  • Images were created on multiple days during a complex working operation in tandem with the video production crew at Bayonet Media, on a very demanding work schedule, with and without people in the images.
  • Showcasing: a variety of forklift trucks in use in and around a variety of everyday applications, such as moving pallets, loading expensive fine wine, moving delicate supplies, carrying around fresh organic vegetables, and machines navigating small alleyways in warehouse buildings, etc. Among the images produced were: establishing shots, medium and detail images, “portraits” of the forklift trucks in use and in a number of staged realistic sets alongside actual operational work days at each of the facilities.
  • Highlights included: Going behind the scenes and storytelling on a multi-day shoot for a very well known worldwide vehicle production company; total access to an interesting array of facilities: a world-class winery, a technically advanced plastics manufacturing site, a city-block-sized foodservice refrigerator, industrial sized warehouse rooms, workstations, and quality control areas.
  • Images are being utilized on the Toyota company’s website and a whole host of marketing materials (both online and in print) as well as social media campaigns and marketing collateral produced for the very well-established name.

Why It Was Awesome:

Toyota is a household name everyone on the planet can recognize – from some of the most well-known, reliable, efficient and technically advanced cars & trucks on the road, to industrial equipment like forklifts & heavy machinery, a majority of the human population interacts with one of their products daily. It was an honor to be on the team to help launch the next generation of these machines!