Strategic Materials - Recycled Glass & Plastic Recycling




Project Goals:

  • Photography of the flagship San Francisco Bay Area Strategic Materials recycling facility, in operation, in an industrial setting, with and without people. Showcasing: the raw recycled glass material, glass cullet, a variety of industrial processes, end products.
  • Highlights included: Storytelling for a leading glass recycling company, total access to entire facility both inside and out, during an entire day of operations
  • Images were utilized in the Strategic Materials website and marketing catalog (both online and in print) as well as marketing collateral produced for the business

Why It Was Awesome:

Strategic Materials is one of the foremost industry-leading glass recycler companies in the world. Their products start out as waste from the general public, and through a complex sorting and processing process become glass cullet so they can end up as raw materials for other innovative companies to utilize. They offer a myriad of specialized products to a variety of markets and industries including: raw materials, containers, fiberglass, highway bead, glass abrasives, fillers, specialty glass and plastics. This collaboration married my past green career life as a Sustainability and Green Building Consultant nicely with my current passion of Photography.