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Project Goals:

  • Photography of the flagship San Francisco-based production facility for LEVEL, a custom cannabis company, specializing in scientifically produced cannabinoids. Images were created during a working operation, in an industrial laboratory setting, with and without people. Showcasing: the processing of raw cannabis material, distilling various parts of the plant as well as other proprietary industrial processes, end products: tabs, tablinguals, gum.
  • Highlights included: Going behind the scenes and storytelling for a leading California-based custom cannabis company; total access to entire facility both inside and out, heavily science-influenced processes, high-end scientific equipment, working on the start of a total rebrand for the company.
  • Images were utilized in the LEVEL website and marketing catalog (both online and in print) as well as a variety of social media campaigns and marketing collateral produced for the rapidly growing business.

Why It Was Awesome:

LEVEL is one of the foremost award-winning, industry-leading custom cannabis companies in the world. Their products start out as high quality cannabis plants, and through complex proprietary scientific methods of processing, they produce the purest of products for consumers that offers a consistent experience. They offer almost every desired cannabinoid in a form of a specialized product one can consume at accurate doses to tune their exacting effects. This collaboration helped me learn more about the .