Altair Technologies - Contract Manufacturing - Brazing - Linear Accelerators



Project Goals:

  • Photography of the primary San Francisco Bay Area production facility for Altair Technologies, Inc., a contract manufacturing company specializing in high level precision products such as: linear accelerators (LINAC), RF windows, electron guns, ion-pumps, waveguides, target assemblies as well as custom furnace brazing of a variety of metal parts and assemblies.
  • Images were created on multiple days during a complex working operation, in a very clean industrial laboratory setting, with and without people. Showcasing: the whole life cycle of taking raw materials and producing finished components that go into equipment used in medical, security, defense, aerospace, semiconductor, and scientific research industries.
  • Highlights included: Going behind the scenes and storytelling on a multi-day shoot for a very highly specialized contract manufacturing company; total access to entire facility: laboratories, machine shops, furnace rooms, workstations, quality control areas; learning about and documenting high-end, complex, uber-expensive scientific equipment; working alongside the leadership team at Altair and the marketing team at DevSixOne on the first major total visual rebrand for the company in decades.
  • Images are being utilized on the Altair website and a whole host of marketing materials (both online and in print) as well as a variety of social media campaigns and marketing collateral produced for the rapidly expanding business.

Why It Was Awesome:

Altair is one of those companies most people have never heard of, but the components they produce go into products that we interact with every day – from life saving medical technologies to super computers, avionics and deep science research vessels. Their products start out as raw materials, and through complex proprietary design consulting & engineering, they produce the most complex products only high level engineers truly understand, and I can truly appreciate after seeing this operation in full effect!