Ranger Design and Chanje - Custom Electric Delivery Van Racks and Storage




Ranger Design Logo


Chanje Logo

Project Goals:

  • Photography of Ranger Design‘s custom made van racks in partnership with Chanje, designer and manufacturer of electric last mile delivery vehicles, both inside and outside, in an industrial setting
  • Highlights included: unique branding, first application in an electric last mile delivery vehicle, the bombproof quality and design of the Ranger Design product, as well as the premium install in the cutting edge electric van product being produced by Chanje
  • Images were utilized in the Ranger Design website and marketing catalog (both online and in print) as well as marketing collateral produced for both businesses

Why It Was Awesome:

Ranger Design is the premier custom storage rack design & build company in the world. Their products cater to the mobile tradesman and can be seen in a variety of delivery vans, box trucks, and trailers. They offer a myriad of personalized products to a variety of industries including: delivery, contractors, electricians, plumbers, HVAC installers as well as countless mobile businesses. 

Chanje is spearheading an entirely new vehicle, an electric medium-duty delivery van capable of competing with today’s gas-powered vans and trucks. Sustainable energy solutions for today’s generation and beyond.