vXchnge: Silicon Valley Data Center Server Farm

Business Marketing, Branding, Industrial, Data Center Interiors & Exteriors


vXchnge Logo

Goal of Shoot:

  • Showcase images of vXchnge’s premier San Francisco Bay Area Silicon Valley data center location
  • Project included interior images of cloud computer server cabinets as well as industrial imagery of the engineering equipment for the power plant and control room

Why It Was Awesome:

Having never been in a data center until working on this project, it was a real treat for me to go behind the scenes in a major operation at vXchnge in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Even though it takes a lot of computing hardware and software to run a cloud server data center, there are surprisingly few staff on site, so I got to spend the day relishing in the unending interesting scenes, searching for unique angles of the equipment and architecture to highlight so the company could use the imagery to showcase their brand on their website and marketing materials. Super cool.