EarthBaby: The Compostable Diaper Service


EarthBaby Compostable Diaper Service - Niall David Photography-7152
Business Marketing Branding Documentary Behind the Scenes EarthBaby Compostable Diaper Service San Francisco Bay Area - Niall David Photography-7853
EarthBaby Compostable Diaper Service - Niall David Photography-



Project Goals:

  • Multi-day project spread out over one month, each shoot building on the last to capture, refine and deliver the highest quality storytelling imagery
  • Business marketing photos for website and online promotional pieces, printed marketing collateral, social media and other uses
  • 1 day of shooting to capture the lifestyle of EarthBaby family clients and customers, the families who use the products and services the company offers, on location at NextSpace/NextKids in San Francisco, CA
  • 1 day of shooting at the EarthBaby facility in Santa Clara, CA (San Francisco Bay Area), to showcase and highlight the behind the scenes production of custom packing and shipping of client orders
  • 1 day of shooting on location in Marin County, CA, showcasing the personalized delivery process and lifestyle of EarthBaby clients
  • Detail imagery of the diaper product in use on over 25 baby and parent “models”
  • Professional environmental portraits of EarthBaby founder Mark Siminoff

Why It Was Awesome:

The EarthBaby collaboration was one of my first large-scale productions. It involved many many moving parts, from multi-day shoot logistics, the unpredictability of working with real families (not trained models) as the “talent”, location considerations in a number of places and microclimates, travel timing for multiple locations over a number of days, unique angles and physical considerations for making a warehouse look awesome, all while producing a cohesive story the client could pull imagery from for years to come.