Songbird Studios

Business Marketing, Branding, Professional Portrait, Live Music Performance Photography

Songbird Studios San Francisco - Niall David Photography-6135
Songbird Studios San Francisco Adult Student Showcase Spring 2015 Bottom of the Hill - Niall David Photography-7478
Songbird Studios San Francisco Vocal Coaching Voice Teacher Sing Singing Music - Niall David Photography--16



Project Goals:

  • Consistent headshots capturing all staff hires over 5 years, involved creating same composition and lighting scenarios over years of capturing employee images on location (to date have photographed over 20 employees for Songbird – current 12 pictured below)
  • Interior, exterior, detail architectural/interiors imagery (including construction) of two studio studio spaces at two studio locations in San Francisco (Nob Hill and Noe Valley)
  • Live music performance photographs of student showcases, workshops, special events, and camps
  • A wide variety of photographs to be used on the web and in print for marketing, branding, promotion

Why It Was Awesome:

Songbird Studios is San Francisco’s premier vocal coaching studio, fostering a diverse community of singers of all backgrounds and experience levels. Songbird is a diverse team of talented vocal coaches and administrative staff who promote development both musical and personal to over 250 students in the Bay Area.

Songbird is the brainchild of my wife and life partner,Whitney Nichole, and my role at the studio includes business development, a variety of everything that goes into marketing, facilities management and pretty much any part of whatever this rapidly growing business needs my help for! 

I’ve been a part of Songbird for over 5 years now, and it’s an adventure that I get to explore in a leadership role as well as through the lens with my camera. There’s always a new adventure capturing the awesomeness of this group of accomplished teachers and students!

Songbird Studios San Francisco Voice Lessons Vocal Coaching Professional Portraits - Niall David Photography