Have You Ever Asked Yourself: What Do You Want From Your Photography?

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You might be planning a marketing campaign, refreshing your website or updating the company brand – and you need photographs to enhance your information and draw prospective clients in. But what should those images look like? What story should they tell? Who should you hire to showcase you and your company at your best?

After ten years in the business of creating pictures, Niall David has an exciting new website – https://nialldavid.com – designed as a curated showcase of inspirational images to excite and help you decide what you may need for your project. That’s because Niall’s imagery isn’t linked by a particular style, setting or industry, he sets out to find the truth in his subjects. That candid editorial storytelling allows for a range of imagery, from broad green landscapes to towering grey cityscapes or smoky loud concerts, that will give you fresh perspective on what you’re hoping to create.

Breathtaking Images From on High


Aerial drone photography elevates your business in the minds of clients, partners and competitors. Gone are the days of expensive helicopter flights – Niall is an FAA Certified and Insured Remote Pilot who captures stunning views from on high, safely and legally.

Drone photography is an art form that will give you an entirely new perspective on your enterprise, whether that’s a commercial property development, a manufacturing plant or a high-end boutique resort. In fact, it’s his secret weapon, perfect for landscapes, cityscapes, the hospitality world, on-high industrial shots and a fresh view of an expansive property. You can find out if this is right for your project by looking at Niall’s aerial drone photography portfolio then giving us a call to discuss options.


High-End, Strategic Business Marketing Photography

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When you thoroughly understand your business, you’re well on the way with the story you want to tell. Niall David takes it from there, providing strategic commercial business marketing, branding and editorial photography. His pictures are genuine and beautiful, presenting the best side of your enterprise through images of your people, facilities or special project.
Niall’s custom-created photography will give your marketing material the polish and quality that will instantly will impress your clients. Can’t you tell when a company cares about its image? Shouldn’t you?


Portraits: Showing Personality Behind the Person

San Francisco Bay Area Commercial Business Marketing Branding - BOUS Balancing on Unstable Surfaces Yoga Inspiration Leadership Blog - Niall David Photography-8919

How comfortable are your employees with those stiff studio headshots? How much do you love the age old smartphone photo you’re still using as your profile image? Does your photo really speak to who you are or the quality you bring to your business? When you need portraits done, find out what the alternatives are – the images in Niall’s on-location portrait portfolio use company backgrounds and outdoor environments that enhance individual stories and personalities. He takes the time to get to know your business and your people, and his relaxed style of working draws his subjects out so each portrait reveals a natural and comfortable truth. The finished work does double duty – telling your audience about staff members and about the company culture too.


Photographs That Make People Want to Visit

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Architecture, interior design, hospitality, commercial & residential real estate, retail outlets – you know images of these places should make people want to visit, to feel like they can walk right into the image, but how? Niall’s online photographic portfolio conveys a sense of place and purpose using the best methods and viewpoints – from the ground to the air – to capture the story of each unique space. Through his previous educational & career experience and passion for architecture, sustainability and green building, Niall can perfectly convey the unique elements of your space, grand opening promotion, showcase, renovation or launch.


Industrial Spaces – Intricate Imagery, Art from Engineered Chaos

San Francisco Bay Area Industrial Shipping Port Crane Sunset City - Niall David Photography-2454

You probably have some images of your industrial company’s tidy front office, but does that really tell your audience what you do? Don’t they want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes, how you make that product they love, provide that service they can’t live without? Today’s culture does! If you’re looking to reveal a bit more of your business, get some ideas from the powerful storytelling of Niall’s industrial photography. He goes out of his way to find the surprising and intricate imagery of industrial spaces, portraying craft, passion and beauty from the obscure. From the tops of shipping cranes, the middle of huge data centers and server farms, or balanced on ladders capturing a concert stage venue, Niall captures those shots of the often unseen spaces taken for granted in our modern world.


A Sense of Place and Atmosphere 

How do you include the marvellous view of your luxury resort or commercial enterprise in your marketing? These images show how sparkling city skylines, majestic natural wonders and lovely scenery can create a sense of excitement and draw visitors to your area.

With a background in environmental sustainability, a Master of Environmental Studies degree, and experience in green architectural & interior design, it’s hardly surprising that landscapes and cityscapes are some of Niall’s favorite photo shoots. He captures a strong sense of place and atmosphere from all angles, including his specialty – an aerial viewpoint.


Music and Live Performance

San Francisco Bay Area Music Live Performance Stage - Niall David Photography-0018

Professional musicians, stage performers, and other live-performance artists need press kits and standout images for their personal brand – it’s a fact of life. Including the right images can be a challenge, but Niall’s music and live performance portfolio can give you some ideas. His candid and creative images of bands on stage and in the recording studio give an unpretentious yet passionate feel to promotional material. Stage performances come alive with images that market and sell out the venue. From singer-songwriters to edgy start-ups to big name recording studios, Niall has a reputation not just for being easy to work with, but also for delivering a fantastic character of music and live performance photography.


Whatever Business You’re In

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Whatever business you’re in, be it live music or industrial production, retail or tourism, information technology or health & fitness,  you can enhance your promotional material and marketing efforts with beautiful and relevant professional photography. If you aren’t sure what you want, have a look at the curated showcase of Niall’s ten years of work, get inspired and get in touch to realize your photographic dreams today.


Niall David Photography

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