Press Release – San Francisco Bay Area Commercial Photography by Niall David

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August 29, 2017

Award-Winning Photographer Tells Business Stories

Niall David, three-time winner of Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome Award for Most Awesome Family Photographer is now making waves in the creative commercial photography space.

The qualities that made him such a successful family photographer are why the crossover has been so seamless. For Niall, it’s all about creating an environment that allows his subjects to open up, so he can create truly authentic images.

His clients – both from his family shoots, and his commercial – talk of his warm personality and relaxed style of working.

“He was very approachable, relaxed, friendly and funny.” – Angela D, San Francisco

“Niall is a delight to work with! I found him quick and responsive. He was fun and charming during the shoot, and he set me at ease while I was sitting in front of the camera. He captured exactly what I wanted – photos that are professional but still have some style, character, and playfulness. Highly recommended.” – Kip W, San Francisco

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Storytelling with Every Element

Setting the right scene is also what sets Niall’s work apart. He works with clients to create an environment that is fresh and exciting, while also focusing on telling the story of his subjects – whether that’s family members, staff or a business. It’s why all of Niall’s commercial work is created on location, so he can get to know the team, learn about the business and find the perfect place to tell its story.

From Professional Portraits to Aerial Imagery

Niall applies his warm, authentic approach to a range of styles – professional executive portraits, behind-the-scenes storytelling shots, branded imagery or candid pictures of staff at work. As an FAA licensed remote drone pilot, Niall can also take aerial views of your premises that could qualify as artwork. Here’s what his commercial clients have said about Niall David Photography:

Not only is Niall very professional, he is so fun to work with. I love that he can collaborate to get the best images. He knows just how to get the shot I’m looking for. Darcy T, San Francisco

What a great experience as someone who is really uncomfortable in front of a camera. So Professional yet really natural and easy to talk to, he put me right at ease… I would recommend Niall to my most scrutinizing friend or client. Dana S, San Francisco

Our shoot involved 20+ babies and toddlers. He was great at interacting with the parents and kids. His laid back, fun demeanor made everyone feel immediately comfortable and relaxed. In result his photos feel natural, not staged or posed. Cortney T, San Francisco

Niall makes the Commercial Personal

Niall holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies, and worked for both a well-known environmental education nonprofit and an international commercial architecture firm before moving into photography as a full-time career. He knows his way around businesses both large and small, and he loves capturing the truth behind the images that speak to the heart of it all. For Niall, photography isn’t just about gorgeous images – it’s about telling a timeless story.

Niall is available for comment, please contact via email to or phone +1-415-545-8089.

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