Two years ago today, after a lifetime of keeping too many things printed in boxes and only digitally on hard drives, I launched my first photography website to begin sharing my images with the world. At the time it was a basic flash based portfolio and a little about me. I really had no idea what I was doing with it, or where it would take me… Now, years later after 1000’s of new learning experiences behind me and millions more ahead of me, I have truly discovered that the sky is the limit.

Today I’m officially releasing newly branded logos (designed by Alex Azcona – visible across this site, my Facebook page and other materials) and a redesigned version of the website that was launched last year. Please take a visit, browse my latest work, poke through the image portfolios, catch up on the blog, or get lost in the image archive. I’m grateful for everyone I have collaborated with over the past few years, and thank you all for your continued support. My life through the lens has and continues to be one great adventure 🙂

Here’s to the future.



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