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November 9, 2017

San Francisco Bay Area Aerial Drone Photography FAA Part 107 Commercial Remote Pilot - Niall David Photography-0161The Ups and Downs of Commercial Aerial Drone Photography

Drone technology is making waves in almost every industry – and marketing is no exception.  Exciting new drone technology has made aerial imagery far more accessible to all kinds of businesses – not just large corporate ones who can afford to send up a helicopter. FAA Certified and Licensed UAS Remote Pilot and award-winning photographer Niall David says the new technology opens up huge opportunities for industries such as commercial real estate, hospitality, heavy industrial, retail, and almost every industry on the planet.

“You wouldn’t think that a large industrial plant or a shipping port could be beautiful, but that’s what creative drone photography lets you do”.

He says businesses are catching onto the impact that these sweeping images can create in their sales and marketing collateral.

“People buy with their eyes and their emotions – if you’re selling a new development, or trying to capture the beauty of your seaside resort, a shot from the air stirs people’s hearts and imaginations.” The romantic uniqueness of it is undeniably alluring.

“There’s something majestic about it, that makes people really excited.”

Drone photography is not just significantly less expensive than helicopter shots – it’s also much more flexible. As Niall says, they each have their pluses and minuses and a huge leg up drones have is that they are fantastically deployable and can go places that helicopters simply can’t. There’s a lot you can accomplish with a cool little quadcopter at low altitude in open airspace.

“If you think about the kind of disruption a huge helicopter creates – blowing grass, stirring water, the noise… the drone doesn’t have that problem.  It’s nimbler, and much more quiet, so it can get closer to trees, to the ground, to buildings, so you get shots that were impossible before.

“These little technological wonders are simply amazing – the onboard camera technology has finally caught up with the high-end DSLRs we photographers have grown to rely on in a high-end production workflow. It’s super exciting to take that to the sky”

San Francisco Bay Area Aerial Drone Photography FAA Part 107 Commercial Remote Pilot - Niall David Photography-0495

A New Point of View

You’ll get a whole new perspective on your business, whether it’s a commercial development, industrial premises, a vineyard & winery, or boutique resort property. Not only that but you’ll elevate your enterprise in the minds of your customers, partners and competitors – literally. Who among your competitors has that shot at the perfect angle at the perfect time of day captured from the air leading their marketing collateral?

San Francisco Bay Area Aerial Drone Photography FAA Part 107 Commercial Remote Pilot - Niall David Photography-0235

A Word of Warning

Hiring drone pilots who do not have their FAA Part 107 Certification to take commercial photos or videos is illegal in the United States, and carries a hefty fines. Penalties can easily reach $10,000 per instance for both the business and the unlicensed pilot. Niall strongly recommends looking for photographers who are also fully licensed 14CFR Part 107 remote pilots. Niall David Photography is licensed, insured, and always stays up on the latest developments in this rapidly evolving industry; that means you’re guaranteed that all our operations are compliant with the latest evolving FAA, state, and local regulations.

“That’s not just about sidestepping the law – it also shows your photographer is serious about the art of aerial photography, and that they respect this creative industry. It shows they’ve invested time, energy and capital in it, so you’re more likely to get the images you want without any hassle [like getting sued by the Federal government].”

Niall also suggests asking to see a photographer’s previous aerial work.

“Drone photography is such a fantastic technology there’s no excuse for anything but breathtaking images.” It’s easy for anyone to pickup a cheap quadcopter off the shelf and put it in the air with little to no knowledge of the creative art of photography or piloting a flying blender with a camera attached to it. It takes a great deal of both remote pilot skill and creative artistic talent to produce stellar aerial imagery using a small UAS.


About Niall David Photography

For Niall, photography isn’t just about gorgeous images – it’s about telling a timeless story. On the ground or in the air, Niall applies his award-winning skills and philosophy to every image he captures. That’s how he delivers stunning images from on high.

A portfolio of some of these inspiring aerial shots can be seen on Niall’s website:

Niall is available for comment, please contact via email to or phone  +1-415-545-8089.

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