I have made 1000 of something I thought I’d never do – tweet. Yep, it still sounds as lame as it did a couple of years ago when the phenomenon began. There was Twitter, right alongside the uprising of Facebook and the seemingly dismal crumble of MySpace (except for its music promotion value and public weirdness which are giving craigslist a run for its money …). Anywho, it’s been an interesting few years with it and those little 140 character messages.

I used to write happy little things, often rant and rave about how something stupid about how MUNI was making me late by stopping the bus every block to pick up even more sardines; or how awful it was that every time I got on the 27, the 49 or the N, I was graced with sitting next to an air of barf, wine, whiskey, BO (real bad BO) and fried chicken all cocktailing into one fell swoop of debilitating foulness.

So now it’s more tasteful, a little more refined. Once I decided to go take my photography more seriously, I cut back on a lot of things that may or may not have otherwise riddled me publically unacceptable. I deleted about 200, yes 200 filthy tweets from my profile before launching my first website and FB fan page. My Twitter account was actually the impetus for ‘Niall David.’ It was the first time I chose the handle of just my first and middle name. Hopefully that’s a fun fact in my Wikipedia article someone may write about me someday…

I celebrate milestones often. It’s this silly thing I do, and it’s one of those things that helps make me feel those things are worth doing. If you follow my daily blog – which I hesitate to call “daily” as I’ve been known to get 2 weeks behind and then spam you all with 14 posts in one day when I finally get to it at 11pm on a Sunday night – you’ll see that about every 25 or 50 posts I remind the world I’m still here doing it. “Post 200 of 365!” “Post 250 of 365!” And when I get to 300, and certainly 365 you’ll hear about that too. I actually already have post 365 sitting in the draft pile – I’ve picked a special image to share on that date.

So, it’s 1000 tweets, 100’s of thousands of photographs, an unknown number of relatively sleepless nights working and working and working, and I hope you feel it’s all worth it. In fact, I know it is. Excited for the rest of the year, and for the unforeseen adventures of 2011! Not least of which is loving my new WordPress-based website, and the drive and ability to finally start writing again! Cheers everyone!

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