Aerial Drone Photography

Breath-taking aerial shots used to be reserved for those who could afford a helicopter—but not anymore. With exciting new drone technology, you can get a whole new perspective on your wide-open spaces or close ups of tricky spaces.

Aerial photography can perfectly capture awe-inspiring shots of your large commercial development properties, hospitality premises, resorts, industrial or construction sites, or really anywhere that could use a fresh view from above. Whether you are looking to capture beautiful images for marketing, branding, social media, etc., just want documentary work-in-progess or inspection/record-keeping photographs, we have you covered. Masterfully taken, these images will elevate your business in the minds of your customers, your team, and your partners.

Niall is an FAA Certified, Licensed and Insured sUAS Remote Pilot. All commercial aerial drone operations are compliant with FAA Part 107 for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) regulations. With access to the latest industry updates, laws and logistical considerations, we can safely plan and fly your mission, including the unique (and sometimes complicated) nuances of legally navigating United States airspace.

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot License Front

Worth Noting, Aerial Drone (not so) Fun Fact: In the United States, hiring non-licensed drone pilots to create commercial imagery and video for any purpose is illegal, subject to some pretty hearty federal penalties for the contracting party and drone operator (as much as $10K or more per instance)! Don’t take unnecessary chances, support doing business the right way and only hire commercially licenced FAA Part 107 Remote Pilots (like us)!

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The short story –  please don’t use my photos without purchasing or asking for and receiving permission first. Outside the mystique of this website, I’m actually a pretty nice guy. If you’d like to use my images for publication, promotional materials, marketing or branding efforts, or to hang on your wall, send me an email, and we’ll make it happen!

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