About Niall David

For Niall, a photograph has to be more than just a gorgeous image – it must also tell a story. The story of a business, an environment, a family or a person.

This approach is behind Niall’s broad portfolio. He loves finding and capturing the truth behind anything, from the fast-paced boardrooms of Silicon Valley, to mammoth industrial facilities, to inspirational landscapes and cityscapes, to boutique interior design, to rocking live music, to intimate family moments.

Before beginning his photography career, Niall, who holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies, worked as a sustainable design specialist for an international commercial architecture firm in Washington DC and San Francisco, as well as an environmental educator for a highly respected non-profit in New York. That early exposure to innovative, sustainable design and environmental education greatly influenced how he would later capture a variety of interesting subjects through his camera lens.

Niall lives in San Francisco with his wife, Whitney, business owner at Songbird Studios and creator of the Singing / Straw, and their two sons, Hudson & Everett.


Cytryn Family Photo
Niall and Whitney at Heavenly Tahoe

As you know, the world is our studio as we specialize in making photographs of a wide variety of talented individuals, passionate business owners and highlights of their work, as well as unique families in beautiful venues and locales on location all across the SF Bay Area and beyond.

Ever wonder where we meet after we make your images, or where some of the magic of what’s produced for you is created?

Welcome to the home of Niall David Photography, located at 1463 Pine Street in the Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco!


Songbird Studios Niall David Photography San Francisco
Songbird Studios Niall David Photography San Francisco-_NDP8779_HDR

Tell your story through the magic of photography