Sometimes the Clients You Don’t Book Share with You the Highest Regards… San Francisco Bay Area Family Photography Surprises and Delights

How to flatter your would-be photographer… It’s been a while since I blogged a personal story, and this was one of those “have to write about this” opportunities.

A family from Texas found me through a Google search one month ago and reached out for a family photosession. They are a “family of 13 coming to visit the Bay Area…” many of whom are successful entrepreneurs, movers, shakers, hard to get in one room at the same time! I received the inquiry while vacationing on the magical island of Maui, but never leaving an interested client hanging, I gave them a quick ring and we had a lovely conversation about the goals for their session. I learned about what a wonderful group of individuals they all are, splitting time between the United States and many incredible overseas places, only all seeing each other maybe once a year. “This is going to be a special photoshoot” I think, the stakes are high to rock this one. We were both easily put at ease early on as our personalities just gelled, this was going to be one fun shoot!

There was only one problem that brought our booking to a screeching halt – the dates they needed were the dates that I would be in NY for a friend’s wedding… Literally the exact same opposite travel plans, almost to the hour 🙁 As disappointed as we both were, I was determined to make this happen for them, so we had two options: 1) It just so happens that I’m going to be in Texas for a long weekend this month, only 1 hour from where many of the family live; 2) There are a few other amazing family photographers in San Francisco to say the least, so let’s see who else they are interested in, and give them a good referral/recommendation and introduction to someone amazing to work with them in my place.

I reviewed the other photographers they were considering and gave them my honest feedback and opinion. I thought one they liked would really fit with their goals, and offered one other they hadn’t considered who I am a fan of their work.

Long story short, turns out the whole family won’t all be in Texas during the dates I’ll be there, bummer… one down, one to go, let’s get them a great shoot in SF. A week goes by and I send a follow up email just to make sure they’re taken care of and found someone they love to capture their trip, and this is from the response I receive, it made my day:

“We should be making another trip to Bay Area end of this year, we will try and attempt another family photo session this fall 🙂 I will keep you in mind and my contacts. Thank you again for all your help, we decided not to go with any of the other photographers, family only liked your work. We will try again this fall!!”

I’m honored to hear that of all the fine choices for photographers in San Francisco, they only wanted to work with me, truly flattered 😉 That one part of their reply “… we decided not to go with any of the other photographers, family only liked your work” really made my day. This is me smiling and having one of those “why I do this” moments.

Little happy gifts from the people you interact with come and surprise you each and every day. Stay open to the greatness.

The Bay Lights behind Cupid's Span at Rincon Park by the Bay Bridge in San Francisco | © 2013 Niall David Photography

The Bay Lights behind Cupid’s Span at Rincon Park by the Bay Bridge in San Francisco | © 2013 Niall David Photography

Don’t Forget to Pack a Photographer! | Vacation Travel Photography

Have I mentioned how interested in doing this I am?!?

I would prefer not to actually be packed into your suitcase, but next time you book your dream vacation or weekend getaway, consider hiring a professional photographer (i.e me) to spend a day, two, or even the whole week with you and your family, documenting your journey through the beautiful and wonderful places you go!

Imagine standing at the top of Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii, being wowed by the expansive view of Mt. Cook New Zealand, taming fire and ice in Iceland, tasting some of the world’s finest wines in Napa & Sonoma California, making friends with the towering Redwoods along the Avenue of the Giants, horseback riding the California coast, gazing over panoramic European sea cliffs or taking a trip back in time to rural Ireland, spending relaxing days on the sand or surfing by the beach, or being in total awe of the expansive views throughout the City of San Francisco

Now imaging yourself living these amazing experiences, captured in all of these images through the eyes of a professional photographer; exciting idea isn’t it? Consider that and send me a note next time you start planning your trip. Not only do I have travel advice, but I’d love to be there to capture these timeless moments for you, your new husband or wife (can we say honeymoon?), and/or your family. For more information, read the story recently published on the Wall Street Journal, and see the video embedded below Or link to the video on WSJ here:


To get a sense if we’d be a good fit in working together, you can view my Portfolios here, and I can be reached via email at info {at} to start discussing your custom vacation photography package. I look forward to hearing from you!


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View of the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Bay and the City of San Francisco from Battery Spencer in the Marin Headlands of California. 5 image panorama. (Niall David)