Solo Gallery Show at Whitetail Wine Bar in Guerneville, CA Throughout the Month of May!

I’m excited to announce that Leslie Bahr of Whitetail Wine Bar in Guerneville, CA has invited me to show 11 pieces of my landscape photography in her lovely gallery. It’s a fantastic opportunity that I’m elated over as Russian River wine country  is just entering into the high season and I can’t wait to show my work in print to everyone starting this week and continuing throughout the month of May!

I’ve made ten 16″x24″ fine art prints mounted in archival museum gallery mats and one special 10″x40″ panorama I’m debuting at this show. The photographs range from images made through the window of our apartment in San Francisco overlooking the San Francisco Bay, to my travels throughout the United States, Europe, Iceland and New Zealand.

Of course I trusted none other than my friends at the never less than top notch professional photo lab, PhotoworksSF, to fabricate these prints and mats for me. I stopped by the lab for the pre-matting preview of the prints yesterday and I have never been more excited to see my images on paper.

It all kicks off with a lively First Friday event with guitarist Chris Samler, tasty wines being poured from Whitetail’s owner and proprietor, Leslie Bahr, and of course I’ll be there smiling away as we finish hanging my work and getting everything squared away for this month’s show.

If you’re in the need for a trip to sample some wonderful Russian River wines, please join us this Friday May 4 or anytime throughout the month of May at Whitetail Wine Bar, 16230 Main St. Guerneville, CA.

For more info, see Whitetail Wine Bar’s Facebook page. Looking forward to seeing you there!

San Francisco Skyline – Nighttime Views from Treasure Island

I don’t often go to Treasure Island, but today I just wanted to get out for a drive, and it seemed like the place to visit. A short jaunt from San Francisco, and dramatically placed right in the middle of the San Francisco Bay is the site of one of the most awe inspiring views of the city in the entire area. Second to only the Berkeley hills, this can’t be beat. Plus, if you’re already in SF, you can get there and back sans toll. I highly recommend this trip, worth it’s weight in unforgettable scenery of the City by the Bay.

I didn’t get out of the house until close to 4pm, but it was just enough time to get out there to catch the last few rays of sunset. I decided I wanted to get there for sunset, but once I arrived, I decided I’d stick around until after dark to catch some nighttime shots of the skyline. It was worth the wait, and the battering winds and extreme windchill… to capture some views on one of the first weekends with the holiday lights on.

I totally froze my butt off, but it was a nice way to spend some time semi-alone just working the long exposures. My tripod is crap and hopefully someday soon I can upgrade. I’d likely need to sandbag  50 pound scaffolding to withstand these winds without blur at 30 seconds +, but for now it’s cheapo Focal tripod to the rescue. Was cool to get out there at night again. This is also one of the few galleries where I include multiple versions of the same capture. I had a little fun with the post-processing on a few of these so included a few versions of a couple of them. Hope you enjoy 🙂

See the full gallery here.

Photographer’s notes: Nikon D700; ISO 100; Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens; F/8; Exposures between 2 seconds and 20 seconds.

Update – 1/5/2011 : A lesson in SEO. Set your filenames, headers/titles, keywords/tags, and categories (in that order of priority) and search engines will find you. Search Google for “best place to see sf skyline by night.” Yesterday I was the top hit. Very cool.