The Great Highway Panoramas | Ocean Beach, San Francisco

I was on a recent real estate shoot in the Outer Sunset of SF and part of the assignment was to capture some of the surrounding area, landscape, city scenes, Golden Gate Park, etc. for the listing. Just in time to finish the exterior shots of the home, in typical not in the forecast but it happens out of nowhere San Francisco weather, it starts to rain. And not just a foggy drizzle, a full on big drop shower. Still determined to capture something to pull this one off, I hid under trees while I made a few neighborhood snaps and headed down to Ocean Beach to make some panos of the beach and the city from the top of the dunes. I came away with two pretty cool panoramic shots and confirmation of the desire to continue to incorporate this type of photography into every shoot going forward. Where there’s a expansive view, there’s a panorama to be made!

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