Instagram :: June 2011

June was a cool month for Instagramming…

I got revived with some true street inspiration this month, and went back to some of my urban/street photography roots. I joined Doctor Popular and Photojojo for an eventful instawalk in San Francisco (#instawalksf) where we rambled all over Chinatown for a few hours. The best part was picking up a fisheye lens for my iPhone and becoming instantly addicted to the thing! I think it’s going to be my new go to tool for keeping iPhone street walks interesting.

My new photo friend, Felix Lim (@fixelzero) and I decided to ramble onwards to downtown and after starting at 11am, ended up photowalking until around 9pm that night… It’s a real treat wandering around and shooting with Felix as we have about 33% overlap in our style and 66% difference on our vision, so we end up with really cool and often completely unique perspectives on the same city block. After covering miles and miles and dozens of those blocks on this instawalk, we came out with some cool complimentary images. Felix goes for people and gestures in place, and is a master of seeking and capturing these great black and white compositions with a person or two in them that just make the image. I tend to stick to grit, details, wide industrial views, and close focus tilt/shift type images of street scenes.

Hoping I can spend one day each month on a walk like this. I really like the idea of using a simple point n shoot camera like the iPhone, getting some snaps, processing them in the phone directly through the Instagram app or other iPhone software like Camera+ or Noir, and keeping it simple. I tend to process on the fly, usually right after shooting the image, and post directly to my feed. The beauty of all this to me is simplicity. The only time these images touch my computer is when they’re getting backed up onto a hard drive, and so I can post the processed images here on my website/blog. It’s refreshing to use such a simple process to deliver images, and anyone can do it. The more people you follow on instagram, the more interesting perspectives you gain from all over the world.

Happy Instagramming!


Felix doing his candid street thing:


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