Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Awards Most Awesome Family Photographer 2012 and 2013

Amazing News, Announced via Red Tricycle 9/1/2013: The results are in from Red Tricycle and the winner of Red Tricycle San Francisco‘s Totally Awesome Award for “Most Awesome Family Photographer”  for 2013 is… Niall David Photography!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES AND YOUR SUPPORT again this year!! Hope to see you through the lens soon! Warmest Regards! ~Niall

This Just In, Elated to Announce, 12/14/2012: The results are in from Red Tricycle and the winner of Red Tricycle San Francisco‘s Totally Awesome Awards “Friendliest Family Photographer” for 2012 is… Niall David Photography!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES AND YOUR SUPPORT!! Happy Holidays everyone, hope to see you through the lens in 2013! Cheers! ~Niall

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A few nice things people have said about me and my work…


As you may know, one of the best places on the internet for candid, honest information is Yelp. Please take a look at my Yelp Profile to see a few great candid reviews! I’m also happy to present a few words past clients have written to me via emails, facebook posts, tweets and in person. All comments used as direct quotes with permission and approval from the commenter:

  • “GGU Law was seeking a photographer to capture the visual stories of our unique alumni and community. From student and public events to professional portraiture, Niall proved himself a formidable storyteller, beautifully capturing the individuality of our alumni and the warmth of our community.” Lisa L., Director of Communications and Community Relations, Golden Gate University School of Law


  • “I wanted to write a big THANK YOU note for all of your efforts at the event a few weeks back.  Both you and your fiancée are incredibly charming and a pleasure to work with.  Well and most importantly your shots are unmatched. You have such a gift, Niall. ” Ashley B .Red Tricycle San Francisco


  • “We have just had a wonderful family portrait experience with Niall David in San Francisco.  I would love to recommend him to you all for when you are looking for a photographer.  He is creative, interesting, very professional, easy to reach, and GREAT with the kids.  We had our shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts, but he was willing to go anywhere in the Bay Area to shoot.  He was voted Best Family Photographer in SF by Red Tricycle this year.” Michelle H., Palo Alto, CA


  • “More than one person has said that these are the best family pictures they’ve ever seen, and I agree.  🙂  Really excited to hang the prints in our home.” Shawn H., Palo Alto, CA


  • “Niall, we were really happy with your work and the images you supplied from your recent Faculty Matters magazine photo shoot. The venue was beautiful, and it is really clear that you a) have an eye for intriguing angles and b) that your composition was wonderful. Add in the fact that our faculty member had a great experience with you and we are more than thrilled. We aim to make sure that our faculty participants feel like rock stars, and you certainly achieved that in Long Beach.” Tracy Nita Pender, Senior Editor, Faculty Matters magazine, University of Phoenix.


  • “Niall is a very talented photographer and a really nice and patient guy! We had our family photo shoot at the Botanical Gardens in SF per his suggestion.  I have to 2 little boys and an infant so the gardens was a perfect spot for my boys to run around and be “boys”.  Niall was very patient and understanding with our whole family dynamics throughout the session.  He was very professional and relaxed.   He gave excellent suggestions as to where to take pictures and the results were awesome. Niall has a great eye and I love his work/style.  I’m looking forward to having his pictures displayed in our home.” ~ Grace K., Parent


  • “I’m a graphic designer and also moonlight as an amateur photographer. My husband is a musician and also extremely gifted in every area of the arts, from photography to drawing. So you can imagine how picky we both are about photography, and Niall delivered. I wanted to get some family photos done (family being me, my husband and our extremely photogenic dog), and we went with Niall to Stern Grove on a beautiful fall day. We all liked Niall immediately – he was laid back but enthusiastic, professional but friendly, and had great ideas about poses and lighting and backdrops. He got lots of great shots, which isn’t always easy with a dog who wants to chase everything that moves. We’re super happy with how the shots turned out and would definitely use him again.” ~ Morgan M., Designer


  • “We went to the botanical garden with Niall and had a great time. My kids did not want to stop posing. The pictures turned out great – we wanted to order almost all of them!” ~ Michelle D., Parent



  • “Thank you for taking that shot! Finally I have a good photo of me … it’s great to have photographer friends that can get me in the frame… :)” ~ Tsafrir Melamed, Owner/Photographer, PhotosTM


  • “Niall is a great friend to WCS and has a special eye for capturing performers…” & “These are fabulous…when are YOU going to give us a workshop???” ~ Joanie, West Coast Songwriters


  • Niall was referred to me by another local photographer, so going into our session I felt “okay”.  Having had the session and all the follow up interaction that comes with awaiting proofs (timely!), selecting shots, etc, I can say unequivocally that it was a fablous experience working with him.  And I look forward to doing so again. Niall’s use of black and white was a very pleasant surprise…not everyone can get that right (no, I am not picky – ha) and he listened to what we thought we would like to capture.  Niall has a great vibe that made us extremely comfortable. Personable, professional, and a good sense of humor…Niall is definitely on point. ~ La-Yona, Couples Client


  • “With presence and authenticity, Niall David captures his subjects like the eye of someone in love.” & “Holy CRAP Niall!!! These are fantastic. You have beautifully captured a very special night for us. There is no way to thank you for that!” ~ Ash Scheiding of Kindness and Lies


  • “Do you ever take a bad photo? lol! This is awesome!” Napoleon Michaels, Photographer


  • “Niall has his own unique style. When you look at his photographs, you feel like you’re watching a movie. He manages to capture a world full of sights, sounds & movement in one click. Niall is armed with a sensitive approach, a great sense of composition and the ability to recognize the subtleties of color, texture, and lighting. It is a pleasure to work with him. He’s quick and reliable. He knows his subjects. He’s a pro.” ~ Ziva Hadar of Ziva


  • “Niall has a knack for capturing those special moments. His balance of talent, creative expression, professionalism and positive attitude make him an absolute delight to work with. He’s our “go to” without a doubt.” ~ Dogman Joe, Artist and Founder of Bay Vibes


  • “Niall, these photographs are incredible.  I was completely breathless!  You could not have done a more perfect job of capturing the madness and beauty that goes into recording an album in the studio.  I am so incredibly grateful to you for capturing these moments in time for me.  We often get so caught up in the final product of a musical recording that we don’t take the time to appreciate the process, and thankfully, you have done a stunning job of freezing that in time.” ~ Debbie Neigher


  • “Niall, these are phenomenal!  Thank you so much for taking and posting these!” ~ Rebecca of Stripmall Architecture


  • “So. I had to refresh my page as I thought the pic hadn’t loaded. Then I realized its blur… Bluuuurrrrrr!  Kill me in the face, man. Amaze. angle, blur. Def a new fave and furthermore supports my factual theory that you, my friend, are one bad ass behind the camera.” ~ Leigh, San Francisco


  • “Holy sh*t. This set of photos just blew my mind.” ~ Kate, San Francisco


  • “Still trying to reclaim my jaw from the floor over these photos. Wow…thanks so much for hanging with us and all of the hard work you put into these. I might just comment on every single one of them.” & “…still can’t get over how awesome those pics were for such a low-lighted room. i guess i don’t get this photography stuff. but at least someone does!” ~ Betsy of Kindness and Lies



  • “I just love your work.” Lauri, Portland


  • “No words to describe how awesome this photo is…” ~ Ziva



  • “Just saw the album you put up and wanted to thank you for all the amazing shots! You got so many good ones that other photographers didn’t capture.” ~ Sasha of Acrosports



  • “Niall, this is awesome!!  I really like your work – I think you have a great eye and a GREAT understanding of lighting.  I love the B&W the best. 🙂  Oh, and the abstract!  ;)” ~ Sara, St. Louis


  • “Just browsing through your site and I thought I’d send you a quick note. your work is gorgeous!!!” ~ Carrie, Charleston


  • “I was just made aware of your work through the photos you took at West Coast Songwriters Annual Songwriters Conference ….and through the gallery pages of your website. You do great things with a camera. I’m sure Ian and Joanie et al have thanked you over and over again, but here’s another thank you anyway.” ~ Marla, San Francisco


  • “I went through your website and looked at your portfolio. I did not expect you to be this good. Your work is excellent!!! I just wanted to let you know that I was really impressed!!!!” – Fatiya, San Francisco


  • “I really do love your photography! You’re so awesome! I’m going to work hard to get as good as you are! You’re an inspiration for me now! Your pictures made me soooo happy…love them!” Ileana, Charleston


Exciting News, 3/15/2013: Announcing the Photoshelter Jumpstart Your Photography Business Contest Winners – Niall David Photography is selected among 1000’s of entries from across the world into the top 5 as Gold Prize Winner – details available on the Photoshelter website and blog here. Thanks Photoshelter, you guys rock!



I truly enjoy capturing all of your wonderful moments. Thank you all for your kind words ~ Niall


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