What Makes Us Different?

What differentiates Niall David Photography is that we masterfully create stellar lifestyle photography for unique individuals, families and businesses that helps the people we work with tell their remarkable story to the world. We listen closely to your specific needs to create a customized project plan that outlines how we will capture your unique vision, and execute on that plan by going above and beyond to exceed your expectations of what you can do with creative custom photography.


Commitment and Guarantee:

At Niall David Photography, we offer the following commitment and guarantee to our clients:

    • to focus on your project during initial steps, planning, production and delivery, providing you with the highest quality digital photographic imagery;

    • to take care of you and your specific needs should any questions or problems arise during the production or delivery of our services;

    • to answer phone calls and emails within 24 hours on business days;

    • to provide technical support on digital image delivery and delivery of artwork;

    • to have you actively feel like a valued client in our growing network of raving fans.




Proudly serving the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Sessions are available on-location wherever you allow a camera, and maybe some places they don’t usually 🙂 I’m available for travel locally in the SF Bay Area, nationwide throughout the United States & worldwide. I specialize in personalized, customized photo shoots and quick thinking to bring you artistic brilliance through the magic of photography. In addition to portrait and family sessions, I am currently accepting editorial, commercial and event photography assignments in a variety of genres including: portraits, architecture and design, documentary, landscapes, stock photography and more.

I spend my time rambling around a beautiful park or urban blocks  photographing you and your children or lighting you in your place of business for a beautiful portrait. I’ve made photos out of candlelight, pianos, songwriters and sheer will, captured rock stars under the beaming lights of the main stage in the awe of the moment, and photographed delicate portraits of 1-week olds in their mother’s arms.

I love photographing families, families with children and babies, creatives, business professionals, musicians, actors and everyday individuals looking for great photographs of themselves for a variety of purposes including heirloom creation, artwork, promotion, marketing and more. I’m also active making images of landscapes and urban scenes, during the day and at night, and pride myself on specializing in ‘not specializing’ in any one genre of photography while remaining flexible and professional with a variety of clients.

I have worked for a number of folks in the Bay Area. References available upon request, or check in with past clients on Yelp.

You can contact me via email: info {at} or via the contact page.

If you like my photos, please stop by my Facebook page, become a fan and share some comments!

If you’re really interested in the day to day, you can follow my ramblings on Twitter.

You’ll never find me far from my iPhone and Instagram.

A curated portfolio of my street and travel photography produced via iPhone and processed exclusively in the style of classic and modern films with the marvelous VSCO Cam app is constantly evolving at

Feel free to check out my archived 365 blog.


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I’ve been making images with still photography cameras since I could hold one. Having honed my craft during the not so bygone era of film photography, and now faithfully shooting full frame 35mm digital, I can assure you that dedication to the passionate art of photographic image making is in full effect in your presence.

Essential to any photographers set of skills is consistent training and education. I am always out there learning, networking, trying new things and building upon the foundation 30+ years in the making.

Not that any of this really matters right? It’s the images you’re looking for that do. Please browse my portfolios and if you think my style is the right fit for your needs, send me a note and we can hop on the phone to chat about what you’re unique goals and ideas are!


Continuing Education


One of the most important things to me in this industry is continued education and always pushing yourself to learn more and challenge yourself to do more and create amazing images. This can only be done by becoming a master of your craft. I invest at least 10% of my income and often 50% of an entire week learning and growing as a business person and photographer. This helps me not only bring you images that stand the test of time, but it can be done in a well thought out professional tried and true way.


Gear & Equipment


For the technically minded, something extra special I bring to the table is a lineup of professional gear. Minimum photo bag contents include:

Nikon D810 and D700 dSLR Cameras

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens

Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII Lens

Nikon 50mm f/1.4 Lens

Nikon SB-900 & SB-910 Speedlights

ProFoto and Paul C. Buff Studio/Location Lighting Equipment

A selection of quality light modifiers and accessories

Professional grade high-end Apple computers & industry standard software

Color calibrated & profiled monitors and printers for amazingly accurate color rendition for print and digital file delivery

Multiple hard drives and cloud backup systems to keep your images safe and archived forever

And if I need anything else specific to your session, I’ve got the hook up at the local rental shop and I’m not afraid to use it!

Oh yeah, we’re also insured up the wazoo, so if anything goes wrong we’re one step ahead.


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Unfortunately, I cannot spare visitors to my site the fine print. If we work together, we define our own set of rules for your images, but for now:

All content of this website, images and all is Copyright © 2000-2015 Niall David Cytryn (Niall David Photography). All Rights Reserved.

Photographs, illustrations, videos and other works on this site by other creators are copyrighted by the respective entity and are attributed accordingly.

You may link to any of the photos/videos/blog posts or other materials on this site, but you may not copy them onto your website or other form of media without permission. When granted, please both attribute the respective author and link back to this site.

All images, original graphics, text, design elements and all other content represented on this website are copyrighted and are the sole property of Niall David. All use and publication rights are reserved worldwide. All images and all other content unless otherwise written are expressly not in the Public Domain. No images or other content on this website may be copied, stored, manipulated, published, sold or reproduced in whole or in part in any form without the prior written authorization from Niall David.

As copyrighted material, all images displayed on this site are protected by copyright, intellectual property and all other applicable laws of the United States and other countries worldwide.

The short story –  please don’t use my photos without purchasing or asking for and receiving permission first. Outside the mystique of this website, I’m actually a pretty nice guy. If you’d like to use my images for publication, promotional materials, or to hang on your wall, send me an email and we’ll work on seeing if we can make it happen!

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