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Image courtesy of Tsafrir Melamed (www.photostm.com)


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 About Niall, the relatively short version 😉 …


Known for his artistic lifestyle photography and compelling portraits created through an organic & candid creative-editorial vision, Niall’s talents genuinely help individuals, families and business owners celebrate their lives through showing the world their own unique authentic beauty. He’s warm, upbeat and caring to the core; his clients praise and rave that they adore their photos and can’t wait for the opportunity to work with him again. At home in San Francisco, around the SF Bay Area, and around the globe, he’s an avid traveler and adventurer who would love to capture the moments that mean the most to you; wherever your vision and goals take you.

Niall is a Family, Portrait, Music, and Business Marketing & Development photographer based in San Francisco, whose artistic style captures creative images of everyday people, families, exciting individuals and their places of business in beautiful natural moments while creating timeless memories and photographs of heirloom proportion – imagine kids at play, a family laughing together in the park overlooking the Bay, a singer-songwriter creating music in a quiet serene artist’s studio, a designer’s creative studio, a businesses marketing and advertising portfolio… and you’ve got the ingredients for a timeless photosession with Niall. Niall collaborates with both private and commercial clients who greatly appreciate family, friends, people & relationships, art & design, creativity & expression, and deeply value and revere the art of photography.

Proudly serving the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Sessions available on-location wherever you allow a camera, and sometimes places they don’t 😉 Available for travel locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, nationwide throughout the United States & worldwide. Specializing in personalized, customized photo shoots and quick thinking to bring you artistic brilliance through the magic of photography. In addition to portrait and family sessions, Niall is currently booking business marketing and development, commercial and special event photography projects in a variety of genres including: family lifestyleportraits, architecture and interior design, documentary, landscapes and cityscapes, stock photography and more.


Profile Photo - Niall David Photography

Image courtesy of Sivani Babu, Ever the Wayfarer http://everthewayfarer.com



Songbird Studios Niall David Photography San Francisco-_NDP8809

Image courtesy of a 14mm wide angle lens and my trusty Vanguard tripod inside our studio’s comfy lounge.


More about Niall, the sorta long version:


What’s in a name? My first name is Niall, it’s the Gaelic Irish version of the name and is pronounced Neil, Neill Neal, Niel, or any other form that isn’t “Nile, Nee-all, or Nuhwhattuhhh, Nail?” It made me self conscious as a child having a name no one could pronounce correctly on the first try – to this day it’s probably only happened a number of times I could count on one hand – but today I embrace it as I am an original Niall and the only Niall David Cytryn on planet Earth.

Niall David, Photograph by John Hall

Image courtesy of a headshot master, John Hall: http://www.johnhallportraits.com

I’m originally from the suburbs of New York City. My parents have been married for 42 years and still own the house I grew up in. 35+ years later I still get to sleep in the room I had as a kid when I visit. It’s amazing to still be grounded there now that I live 2,917 miles away from them.

I have resided in the American states of NY, VT, MD, DC, SC, CA, and have been known to have lived on the road with no succinct address for multiple months at a time.

Image courtesy of a shadily placed tripod on the rocky cliffs at Lands End in San Francisco

I have both Masters and Bachelors degrees in Environmental Studies with a focus on sustainability, green building, environmental education and ecology. I went to college at The University of Vermont and graduate school at the College of Charleston in South Carolina.

San Francisco is the first home I have felt I ever had away from my parent’s house in New York. I have been happy here from day 1.

I’m a member of the Professional Photographers of America, PPA national chapter, and the local chapter Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area, PPGBA.

I’m a LEED Accredited Professional through the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

My favorite outdoor activity is snowboarding. I paid part of my way through college by teaching at a prestigious mountain resort in Vermont as a certified snowboard instructor (through PSIA – AASI) each winter.

I have worn many hats in the workforce during my life. Growing up I held positions as an activities coordinator at a nursing home, a front desk clerk, a busboy, a host, a server, a cook, a dish washer, a food runner, a valet and half of the positions you can hold at about 8 different restaurants and catering halls. My career is built on being a sustainable design specialist, an environmental educator, a tutor, a client services manager, a student of the natural world. and a photographer.

My favorite band is Sigur Rós. My favorite solo artist is my lovely singer-songwriter / vocal coach / music entrepreneur wife Whitney Nichole, who is often featured in my work, my test shots and whenever I pick up a new piece of gear, try out a new tool, technique or lighting scenario. She is very good to me in more ways than I can count, and I love her very much 🙂 If you’re in the need for voice lessons, songwriting classes or performance coaching, visit her business Songbird Studios – we have two locations together in San Francisco, Nob Hill and Noe Valley.

I’ve traveled to almost every US state, New Zealand, Israel, Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, The Netherlands, and Iceland. I have a long way to go until I hit my goal of visiting at least half of the countries in the world before I kick the bucket.

Niall David Photography - Jokusarlon - Iceland

Image Courtesy of the wonders of holding a camera above yourself on a melting piece of glacier in the sea at Jökulsárlón, Iceland.


I want to own a cabin in a secluded mountainous valley in Vermont or California someday. When I have kids I want them to spend time ‘doing nothing but being kids’ on a lake somewhere outside the grind of what we all refer to as the “real world.”

Though I’ll probably never truly “retire,” I dream of semi-retiring in California wine country somewhere in Napa, Sonoma or Mendocino, where I can drink grape juice, reflect on a happy and fulfilling time on Earth while I porch sit on a hill overlooking a valley of vineyards, mountains, puffy white clouds and clear blue skies.

I believe that 3 is the magic number.

I dig jamming out on the guitar. My Guild 12-String is my favorite instrument to rock out on.

Image courtesy of a cool little camera and a tiny little bendable tripod holding on for dear life at the edge of some rock on  Folly Beach in Charleston, SC

My photography mentors are Zack Arias, Joe McNally, David Hobby and Ansel Adams. I’ve been inspired by 100’s if not 1000’s of photographers over the course of my life. They have all (whether they know it or not) contributed to my personal growth as a photographer. The most amazing source of photography education I subscribe to is creativeLIVE, a most amazing educational environment for photographers and creatives. I have been photographing since I could hold a camera. I have never put it down, and I never plan to.

Niall David Photography - Reykjavik Iceland Midnight Sunset-595-2844

Image courtesy of a trusty camera on a tiny little tripod on a bench behind me as I watch the midnight sunset in Reykjavik, Iceland.


Saving the best “about me” for last, my wife Whitney and I welcomed our first child into the world on May 29, 2016. We’re excited to be blessed with being parents to this awesome little dude, are are excited about nurturing a beautiful new life into the world at this most special and amazing time in our life together 🙂 Not least of which is your first Halloween with your baby, when mom learns how to make the best homemade baby bird costume ever:


Cytryn Family Halloween 2016

Image courtesy of the joy of your first Halloween with your baby, and an amazing mom who apparently makes the best baby bird costumes from scratch!


The ride waiting for him to arrive and learning how to be parents is priceless:



Image courtesy of a lot of forethought in planning a beautiful before/after of your majestically pregnant wife and your first born son 🙂


And of course always having an assistant on hand to help me edit:



Image courtesy of Whitney, wife and best mom ever.


The greatest joy and purpose I feel I can bring to the world through my professional life is freezing moments in time and capturing timeless memories through the magic of photography. Enough about me, what can I learn about you? Hope to see you through the lens soon.


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