Hamin Reed, Natalie Reneé and Whitney Nichole at El Rio

It was open mic night at El Rio in the Mission. Hamin Reed tipped it off with Trace Bundy-esque guitar stylings, Natalie Reneé came through with beautiful melodies and catchy bass licks, while Whitney Nichole showed off her amazing vocals to the crowd.

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Road Trip – February 2010

It’s a joy to road trip. Reminds me of college days, when things were carefree, and you could just take off for a weekend, or a week for that matter, and just explore. We were driving down the 5 when overhead there was a formation of birds… then there was another, and another. “Man that’s a lot of birds!” we exclaimed… And they just kept coming and coming and coming.

Lucky for me we had a sunroof, and I wasn’t driving at the time. And with 1000’s of migrating birds taking to the skies above us, I had just enough time to fire off a few shots of them and the hot air balloons floating in the sky. It was a halcyon day for sure.

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Rebecca’s Cello

It’s always been a pleasure to be in the presence of cello music, especially when it’s from concert cellist Rebecca Roudman. Whether she’s chiming in on strings for an orchestra or a singer-songwriter, she’s always on point, and always brings beautiful music to our ears. Slideshow below, or click here for full screen.

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